Enjoy The Game

About Us

Great Atmosphere

Enjoy the game and the people you are playing with.
A lot of stuff is greater if you can share it with someone.
Tell us a joke and just be yourself.


Experienced and transparent leadership.
Raid leader was leading Mythic raids in BFA with multiple full clears.
Feel free to ask any question, we always help each other out.

Have Fun

Whatever you do in life, try to have fun doing it.
Winning and losing isn't everything; sometimes,
the journey is just as important as the outcome.


It is expected from everyone to come prepared for raids.
Bring food, flasks, potions and enchant your gear.
We try to provide our members with Flasks, Enchants, Potions,
Gems and all kinds of stuff they need for raids.


If you have some ideas about boss fights or any other suggestions/feedback, please let us know.
We keep communication open at all times.


Be a part of our community, if you can't join us in the game,
then watch our streams instead and talk to us in Discord.

Raid Days

Raid Days are Wed and Thu.
From 19:50 - 23:00 Server Time.
Invites start at 19:40.
We use Personal Loot.


Play any class any spec any covenant.
We will be able to clear raids with any combination. Most importantly, make sure you enjoy your class, spec and the game.

Voice Chat

It is mandatory to be in Discord during raid.
You must be able to reply with voice if asked direct question.

Hard work pays off

Our Progress

Castle Nathria Normal
10 / 10
Castle Nathria Heroic
10 / 10
Castle Nathria Mythic
2 / 10

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Change the way you play, be part of the community, make friends and enjoy the game.